The PI Behavioral Assessment: Your Hiring Crystal Ball for 2019

June 28, 2019 at 7:13 pm
Woman interviewing for a job.

Hiring decisions can be more accurate with behavioral assessments.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball for hiring? To know ahead of time which candidates are going to make great employees and which ones are a better fit for another company? To be able to predict how top talent can be the best possible asset to your organization?

Pre-hire assessments offer an objective way to evaluate the candidates you most want to hire, helping to determine whether they have the skills and qualities needed to do a job well. Cognitive assessments look at the intellectual ability of applicants to see if they are a good match for a particular job, but the cognitive assessment is only one piece of the puzzle.

Adding the PI Behavioral Assessment to the Hiring Process

Behavioral assessments can also lead to better hiring practices by giving a more well-rounded evaluation of a preferred candidate. The idea behind behavioral assessments is to make a match between a candidate’s personal attributes and the qualities needed to succeed in a given role.

Individually, behavioral assessments are not as predictive as cognitive assessments, but they have other key benefits for organizations. Not only can behavioral assessments help you find the right people for your open positions, but they can also help you structure teams and adjust management styles for optimal performance.

Team welcoming a new employee with a handshake and clapping.

Hiring decisions can be optimized with behavioral assessments like the Predictive Index.

Increasing Your Understanding of Behavior

Humans are, by nature, subject to biases that can lead them astray when they make hiring decisions. Assessments help remove bias from the hiring process because they provide a uniform evaluation tool for hiring managers. Since the evaluation process is the same for each candidate, the results of the assessments can be looked at and compared objectively rather than through a biased filter that could be flawed.

With pre-hire assessments, hiring managers are assured that they have the best possible understanding of candidate behavior and can make the most impartial hiring decisions possible. Further, behavioral assessments are often well-received by candidates and can lead to more in-depth discussions during the interview process, providing valuable insight into candidates’ self-awareness and self-perception. In a way, behavioral assessments often open the floodgates of a candidate’s willingness to share about themselves on a deeper level, ultimately allowing managers to make better hiring decisions.

Leadership teams can also conduct behavioral assessments at regular intervals to help them understand their employees and their strengths more completely.

Using the Predictive Index

Choosing the right assessment tool can help you make the best possible decisions for your company and your team. The Predictive Index is a top-rated tool that has proven value for revealing behavioral characteristics and aligning them to open roles within a company. Narish International uses Predictive Index (PI) behavioral assessments for our clients, just as companies like IBM, Husqvarna, Subway, and VMware have done for many years now.

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