Pre-Hire People Analytics That Support Talent Optimization Goals

March 19, 2020 at 8:00 am
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Using people analytics helps hiring teams hire better.

When you evaluate job candidates, you naturally want to choose someone who will help fill your organization’s talent optimization goals. Traditional evaluation methods like interviews and ATS resume screening have not necessarily proven effective in choosing the best candidates in terms of productivity, performance and cultural fit.

People analytics is the study of data related to employee performance. The data that can now be collected, especially pre-hire, can lead to better decision-making during the hiring process so that talent optimization can take place.

Assessments Can Help Predict Employee Performance

One type of data that can be gathered about prospective employees is behavioral data from assessments. It is well-known that certain behavioral traits match up better with certain jobs. When data can be gathered about a candidate’s behavioral traits, it is possible to predict with higher certainty whether they will succeed at the job in question.

Another advantage of using people analytics including assessments is that they can be used to give insights to new hires about their own work styles and habits that will help them work with their own strengths and compensate for weaknesses.


Assessments can lead to better hires by using data.

Going over the results of a behavioral assessment with a prospective employee can be much more effective than an employee review, and results can be used in an employee review when it comes time for that to take place. Most employee reviews are not based on actual data but instead rely on observations by supervisors and others in management, which are often faulty or biased.

Tweaking Hiring Practices

Besides individual uses of pre-hire assessments to help with hiring, the data collected can also be compared to post-hire data later on to decide whether hiring practices are working or need to be adjusted or fine-tuned. Metrics like employee retention and performance/productivity can show the effectiveness of assessments and other pre-hire people analytics efforts.

Pre-hire people analytics can also show the extent to which hiring is aligned with overall performance objectives. There is a lot of data available to be collected in today’s workplace environment, but assessments are specifically tailored to data gathering that will be meaningful and significant.

Better Than Going With Your Gut

Not only does hiring on gut feelings not work as well as using data, but it also opens companies up to liability that hiring practices may have been biased–even if done inadvertently. Data-driven methods really are required to protect against potential accusations and to be able to show objectively why hires were made.

People analytics will prevent hiring teams from having to depend on gut feelings in their hiring methods, and can even validate or disprove gut feelings when they are part of the usual hiring practices. This new method of using data to improve hiring will have long-lasting impacts on hiring and can make all the difference in finding the best possible talent for your organization.

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